My Dearest Alice.

Your humble beauty may not be for all but I was in awe when I first met you. Your bright blue eyes which sparkled like the stars at night. You welcomed me into your arms, made me feel at home and despite the stories they told me about you, I felt comfort after I got … More My Dearest Alice.


To all those that want to visit. Please do not climb Uluru. It is not a place to conquer. Have respect for the Anangu as this site is sacred to them. Beneath the sound of a hundred shutters, I heard the wind as I gazed upon the sky’s colours transform whilst the sun rose from … More Uluru.

My 25th Year.

Around this time a year ago, I was living on my boss’ sofa in Cambridge, England. I had been living there for about 3 months by this time, to save for my trip to Australia and they have been very kind to offer me this space in exchange for working at the restaurant they were … More My 25th Year.

Day 249.

249 days have passed since I arrived in Australia. In that 249 days, I have been in many contrasting environments and have experienced different lifestyles. I have seen animals which were previously foreign to my eyes and have met countless of people so different from myself as well as each other. From the trendy city … More Day 249.

Have kitchen experience? This is the perfect time to travel Australia.

After having recently quit my job as a Chef at a resort in The Daintree Rainforest, I told myself that, that was it. The final straw. I was done with the long days and the rush. Feeding over a hundred people in the space of a few hours. The lifestyle no longer appealed to me … More Have kitchen experience? This is the perfect time to travel Australia.